Celebrating World Environment Day in Mexico with the Earth Charter

The Earth Charter Network in Mexico celebrated World Environment Day, 5 June, by promoting the principles and ethical values of the Earth Charter through different activities.

In Cajeme, in the state of Sonora in northern Mexico, the City Council and several institutions endorsed the Earth Charter on Environment Day. The focal point of the EC Network in Sonora, Martín Villa, coordinated the realization of a ceremony where the city council signed the endorsement. The Superior Technological Institute of Cajeme (Itesca Cajeme), the Technological Institute of Sonora, the La Salle Northeast University, the Technological University of the South of Sonora, Plin Industrial, CANACO, and three local companies also joined this endorsement.

In Durango, the Polytechnic University commemorated World Environment Day with a Conference on the Earth Charter and organized a ceremony of thanks and offerings to Mother Earth. Thank you to the Focal Point of the Earth Charter Network Mexico in Durango, Amorita Salas, and to the authorities and staff of this university for their leadership and commitment to sustainability.

On 9 June, the Municipality of Naucalpan endorsed the Earth Charter, in a ceremony where Mayor Patricia Durán signed this document. Subsequently, more than 2,000 people planted trees in honor of Principle 5c of the Earth Charter: Promote the recovery of endangered species and ecosystems. Naucalpan de Juárez is a very important municipality in the northwest of Mexico City and one of the biggest challenges of the city is deforestation. Chuen, community leader and member of the Earth Charter Network in Mexico was one of the organizers of this event, and Mateo Castillo, Coordinator of the Mexican Earth Charter Network also participated.

In Aguascalientes, the Ecological Center Los Cuartos carried out the Children’s Environmental Conference within the framework of World Environment Day with the aim of shaping environmental ambassadors, who meet the objective of promoting environmental education in their community and their immediate environment. This Congress has been organized annually for more than 13 years, and the main theme has since revolved around the Earth Charter. Gina Ventura, Focal Point of the Earth Charter Network in Aguascalientes, organizes and promotes the Earth Charter in this state.