Climate March with the Earth Charter and Friends

Earth Charter International would like to invite you to be a part of a diverse group of activists and lovers of the planet and Earth Community on September 21st, International Peace Day, in New York City. There will be a large and peaceful march in support of strong climate action by governments in advance of a Climate Summit at the UN on the 23rd called for by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. The march will begin at noon, but we will meet at 10:30AM in Central Park to get to know each other, share our good intentions, and maybe listen to some inspirational music and words, hear about our initiatives, and get excited to join a mass peaceful demonstration in support of addressing the climate challenge we all face.

We will meet at the north end of a field in Central Park that you can get to by entering the park at 66th street and Central Park West, walking under the 65th street transverse, and voila! There you are.

We look forward to seeing you there and if you have any questions, please leave comments below and join our invitation on facebook.