Climate Smart Leaders program

Indonesian Climate Smart Leaders is program dedicated to urban youth age of 15-24 with high activities in urban areas. The program purpose not only to build awareness about the important role of youth to answer the challenge of climate change but also to give youth the opportunity to directly involved and take real actions to innovate a technology and apply green lifestyle as one of the ways to mitigate and adapt to the impact of climate change.

What can you do to join CSL?

Be Creative!
Send a proposal of your project (in forms of creative idea/product/technology/mass media use, other initiatives) concerning the effort to mitigate or adapt to climate change by applying climate-lifestyle

Be Active!
The selected 24 participants with the best projects will join CSL Camp, which is a workshop designed for urban youth to learn more about leadership, sustainable development, climate change, and project management with interesting, educating, interacting, and challenging ways that will trigger the participants to think ‘out of the box’!

Do it!
After joining the CSL Camp, participants will be given three months to realize/strengthen their project. CSL team will monitor the project and evaluate the ongoing project.

Inspire others!
After going through the evaluation process, those with the best projects will receive the Climate Smart Leaders Award in the form of financial support. The criteria of the awards given are: Most Innovative & Inspiring Climate-Smart Project, Most Impact Made or Made Possible by Climate-Smart Project, and The Best Reach-Out Climate-Smart Project.