Co-creating a Wellbeing Economy through Social Innovation

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Earth Charter International and NESI FORUM both picture our future society to be more just and sustainable, with shared wellbeing on a healthy planet. Therefore, it is not surprising these two organizations found each other and created a partnership. The NESI Global Forum 2019 will focus on how to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and recognizes the Earth Charter as being the ethical framework for doing so.

NESI Forum 2019 TracksThe NESI FORUM will take place on 24 to 26 April in Málaga, Spain. The programme is built around common goods, like conscious consumption, and follows six tracks. Participants will be invited to discover solutions during a Pre-Forum and will ‘dream’ and design the perfect City 2030.

Earth Charter will be represented at the event by ECI Affiliate Fundación Valores.

If you want to be part of the ‘Davos’ of the New Economy, you can book a ticket with a 20% discount by using the code ‘nesi-earthcharter’. As a call to action we ask you to use #EarthCharter and #NESIforum to share your experiences.

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