Colombian province Cundinamarca endorses and commits to the Earth Charter

Hon. Álvaro Cruz Vargas, Governor of the Department of Cundinamarca, endorsed the Earth Charter in a public ceremony in the community San Juan de Río Seco on June 6th and committed to “assume with co-responsibility and perseverance the Earth Charter principles; as well as in the daily practice…with the purpose of contributing to sustainability for a better world, more just and equitable, where each person respect diverse ideas, behave with tolerance and favors the inalienable right of others to the free expression of ideas.”

After the event the “caretakers of the environment” children planted trees with the Governor and the Mayor as part of the World Environmental Day celebrations.

The event and endorsement were possible thanks to the initiative of Vilma Parra and the support of Lino Donaher from the Maestros del Río Foundation in Colombia, new Affiliates of Earth Charter International .

After a youth workshop given by Betty McDermott from ECI in a secondary school of the community of Zipaquirá, the first Colombian youth network was formed in Colombia.  Local authorities also agreed to adapt the teaching material  “Let’s learn a Sustainable Way of Life with the Earth Charter” for primary schools in the area.