Compassionate Living Society joins Development Alternatives as EC partner in Delhi

Compassionate Living is about making conscious choices that benefit people, plants and animals. It is about coming together and starting a journey of learning that we are all connected.

We do this by encouraging members to volunteer in any area of their interest and share their experiences with the group.

The individuals awareness of issues and sense of compassion slowly expands to include as many aspects as the members bring in. Our

– Rediscovering traditional lifestyle
– Reverence to life through kindness & humane education
– Spreading universal peace through spiritual growth

Rediscovering traditional lifestyle
– To relook at the lifestyle choices we make vis a vis what our earlier generations have done. This includes food, clothing, religious rituals, habitation, medicine, transport and livelihood.
– To gradually adopt the traditional nature friendly practices.

Reverance to life through Humane Education
-To create awareness on the presence of life in non human forms and how our choices can impact the quality of life both of humans and non humans through Humane education.
– To encourage doing acts of kindness irrespective of the outcome or the magnitude of kindness. Spreading Universal peace through spiritual growth
– To help members explore spirituality as an essential method of inner growth –
 To organize spiritual based gatherings as a way of promoting peace in the world.

What we have done so far:
1. Distribution of warm clothes in winter: The members felt the need to distribute warm clothing to the poor in winter. Three hundred pieces of warm clothing were collected and distributed . Eighty eight pieces of floor mats were given to the Municipal School in Zamrudpur (a slim area), so that children do not have to sit on cold bare floor. Twenty warm woolen blankets were also distributed.

2. Awareness and ABC program: Following incidents of cruelty to the community dogs, We have distributed pamphlets on ABC(Animal Birth Control) program as the effective way of controlling community dog population, following which a detailed report was made on the number, gender, location and current sterilization vaccination status of dogs. Later we got 95 percent of the dogs sterilized and vaccinated. Articles were published in neighbourhood papers for spreading awareness to the other blocks.

3. Bonding with orphans and HIV children: Volunteers visit HIV affected children and spend evenings with them, playing and talking to them. They are taken for outing to temple and to park. Both the occasions have had a deep impact on the members visited.

4. Volunteers visit MCD school: Volunteers regularly visit the Municipal school in Zamrudpur and closely interact with the school management, teachers and students and have also taken up gardening including a kitchen garden in the open space.

5. Awareness on vegetarianism and roadside trees: A guest lecture was organized on importance of adopting plant based diet. Later three hundred pamphlets were distributed at a flower show in the neighborhood park.

6. Detiling of roadside trees: The need for caring of roadside trees was highlighted through distribution of pamphlets of Development Alternatives to the residents of the colony to make them aware on the damage caused by choking trees . Five hundred saplings off Aloe Vera were distributeds to encourage nurturing plants and nature. Detiling (removal of concrete, tiles etc. around the tree trunks) of roadside trees in N Block is underway following meeting of representatives from several organizations and residents from all across Delhi and representations sent to Municipal authorities, environment department and the Chief Minister to bring their attention to this problem.

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