Congress on EC and Education held in Granada

The celebration of the First International Congress on Earth Charter and Education at the campus of the University Granada, Spain, held on 1 and 2 April, was a success.  The meeting was inaugurated by Alfonso Fernández Herrería, professor of the Department of Education and organizer of the event, Ms. María José León, Vice Rector of the University of Granada for Quality Assurance and the Vice Dean of Culture of the Faculty of Education Sciences, representing the Dean.  The Congress was very varied in terms of topics and participants were satisfied with the quality of the agenda.  The program of the meeting can be found here. 

This gathering counted with the presentations of, among others, José Antonio Carbonell, Andalucia´s Regional Director of Triodos Bank with “Toward a Sustainable Economic Model” and Ed McGaa – Eagle Man, with a Law Degree of the University of South Dakota and professor of Environmental Studies of Carleton College in Minnesota.  Mr. McGaa presented “The Nativve American Spirituality to Live in Equilibrium with Mother Earth”.  A synthesis of both presentations in Spanish can be found here. 

Some of the participants expressed their satisfaction of attending the meeting with the following comments:

“When we are full of congresses, finding things that have a “soul”, where you can feel the heart of people is very inspiring. It has been a pleasure to share these moments with you.  I am part of Avalon and have known Alfonso for a long time, so I hope that we can continue encouraging those who will take the torch for this world. If we cannot see it, at least we can facilitate that someday the world would be a better place for all.   Thanks and hug.” 

Manuela Chica

“I was frankly surprised and pleased with the CONGRESS because of the importance and quality of the whole program.  I want to express my wish of networking and continue this effort from different parts of the world.  Greetings from Mallorca.” 

Guillem Ramis

“The First Congress on Earth Charter and Education has been a success and the air that I breathed those days tells me that it is the door for something better to come.  I appreciate the welcoming and the invitation and I have to say that I enjoyed very much many of the moments.  I hope we continue in contact and participating to deepen in the Earth Charter principles.  A hug and greetings from your friend.”   

Javier Arca

An article in Spanish in the site “Granada por una Nueva Cultura del Territorio” (Granada for a New Culture of the Territory) can be found here.

Find here a link with photos.