In the year 2000, the International Institute for Global Ethics made some effort to use and promote the Earth Charter. It focused on the implementation of “ethics in business” and in that context the institute organized a meeting of the Ethics in Business Council and discussed how the Earth Charter could be implemented. Under this umbrella activity other activities have followed.

In 2015, Christoph Band, an Austrian artist and activist, launched Earth Charter Austria, a registered non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the Earth Charter mission in Austria.

The UNESCO Club of Vienna used the Earth Charter with some frequency in 2014. One of the highlights of the year was successfully suggesting to the Webster University Model UN that they should include a representative to represent the Earth Charter perspective as one of the civil society delegates in the proceedings. A high school student from Prague took the challenge and worked with an ECI staff member to best represent the Earth Charter at the MUN conference in Vienna. Vienna. /content/articles/1098/1/High-school-student-represents-the-Earth-Charter-at-a-Model-UN-Conference/Page1.html

An Earth Charter Youth Group was formed in Austria in August 2010 by e-GLO 2 graduate Jessica White. Visit the ECYGs profile here.

In the year 2008, an Austrian-based NGO called INEX (International Network of Educational Exchange), started a partnership with Earth Charter International in Costa Rica. INEX offers summer university programs to several European universities; one of the programs is a short course on Sustainable Development for Master’s students of different disciplines, which took place in Costa Rica and used the Earth Charter. INEX served as an Earth Charter Affiliate from 2009-2013.

Austrian Environmental Law days
The Earth Charter had been at focus at the 20th Austrian Environmental Law days at 16th and 17th of September 2015. Professor Dr. Klaus Bosselmann, who actively endorses the Earth Charter for a long time, held the ceremonial address by video link from New Zealand. According to the organizator, the 220 listeners showed greatest interest and even enthusiasm for his speech. Klaus Bosselmann is the director of the New Zealand Center for Environmental Law at the University of Auckland.
The speech is available at