Earth Charter Austria celebrates Global Recycling Day with art exhibition

Global Recycling DayTo celebrate Global Recycling Day, the art exhibition called ¨Science, Technology, Innovation, and Art¨ opened on 18 March 2018 at the Earth Charter Austria Center in Klosterneuburg, Austria.

The goal of the exhibition was to inform the public and create awareness about the critical need of recycling in current times.

In this exhibition, austrian artists Christoph W. Band, who presented a work of art on aluminium, and Wolfgang Pawlik who presented a three-dimensional metal object, inspired guests to think about recycling and encourage them to take action.

Flyer photoThe exhibition is the result of a cooperation between UNESCO Club Vienna and Earth Charter Austria and was opened to the public until 17 April 2018.

People interested in the Global Recycling Day exhibition and the displayed art work can book a personal tour or workshop with one of the artists, Christoph Band.

To contact Christoph Band email at: cband@erdcharta.at or call: +4369917274707

To sign the Global Recycling Day Petition: https://www.globalrecyclingday.com/
To visit the artists websites go to: www.christophband.com and www.pawlix.com
Earth Charter Austria: www.erdcharta.at