Burkina Faso

During the Earth Charter Initiative consultation process in the 1990s, there were three active groups in Burkina Faso: The National Council for Sustainable Development (CONAGESE); Green Cross Burkina Faso; and the Volunteer Association for Development (ADV). CONAGESE is an organization functioning under the umbrella of the government of Burkina Faso and is a multi-stakeholder council.

Starting in 1998, these organizations promoted the idea of the Earth Charter throughout their network, and were active in generating feedback to the drafting process of the Earth Charter. During that time, Green Cross Burkina Faso formed an Earth Charter Committee, which included the participation of several key people and organizations in the country.

Green Cross Burkina Faso (GCBF) continues to use the principles of the Earth Charter related to ecological integrity as inspiration and foundation for their activities. In 2014, they organized the following activities, as part of their commitment to promote the Earth Charter:

  1. Conflict Prevention project related to Natural Resource Management in the Volta Basin (PRECOGRN) PHASE III – this project aims to introduce sustainable agricultural practices to limit the use pesticides in Burkina Faso.
  2. Research project on how gender perspective and the rights of local communities are included in the mining code of Burkina Faso. They found that these are not well included therefore the project made recommendations to for their inclusion.