National dialogue on the rights to drinking water and sanitation in Burkina Faso

Considering that access to drinking water and adequate sanitation is one of the biggest challenges in Africa, there are increasing efforts from the continent’s civil society to engage in a solution to this problem.

The African Civil Society Network on Water and Sanitation has been organizing with its members several workshops-dialogues to help devise solutions to this problem.   One of the workshops was held on May 18th 2010 in Burkina Faso, organized by the consultation network of water and sanitation sector associations (CCEPA), whose President is Ousséni Diallo.  Mr. Diallo is also the President of Green Cross Burkina Faso, a long time Earth Charter affiliate in this country.

The Earth Charter was used in this workshop as guideline for the actions that need to be taken to facilitate access to water and sanitation. 

For more information on this activity please check this report, only in French.