Dominican Republic

dominicanrepublicIn 1998, PRONATURA convened a group of individuals and organizations to form a National Earth Charter Committee that would help raise awareness about the Earth Charter and put together a collective contribution to the Earth Charter consultation process. Their effort to promote the Earth Charter included developing and disseminating programs for television and radio and various workshops.

In 2000, the Earth Charter Committee continued disseminating the Earth Charter through a series of Earth Charter articles, which were published in newspapers and magazines that year. The Poveda Center also joined this effort to support the Initiative through education programs in schools.

During the official state government interventions at the World Summit on Sustainable Development, held in Johannesburg, the Dominican Republic’s government affirmed, “As is evident, our commitment to sustainable development is a practical and real commitment, practiced every day and supported by an ethical conception of development. It is for this reason that we also want to state that the Dominican Republic supports the principles established in the Earth Charter that put people and the natural environment ahead of short-term economic interests.”

In 2014, a network of organizations that work with people with disabilities in Dominican Republic (called La Red Iberoamericana de Entidades de Personas con Discapacidad Física en la República Dominicana) published an environmental education material that is based on the Earth Charter.

In 2008, the University Pedro Enríquez Ureña offered two orientation courses for teachers, in the framework of a Post-Graduate Program for Teachers of the Ministry of Education. Sixty teachers from different regions of the country participated.

The Earth Charter national site for Dominican Republic is the following: