Environmental Education material for people with disabilities

A network of organizations that work with people with disabilities in Dominican Republic (called La Red Iberoamericana de Entidades de Personas con Discapacidad Física en la República Dominicana) published an environmental education material that is based on the Earth Charter (called Material Didáctico para Multiplicadores de Sensibilización en Medio Ambiente).

Daniel Abreu, an Earth Charter alumni who took the course on Education and Values for Sustainable Development, is one of the authors of this material.

A capacity-building process with twenty-five multipliers that live with some sort of disability was developed using this material.

A group of four people from these multipliers have been organizing a series of talks in public schools, reaching out to more than fifty students.

This material has been also used to train around thirty teachers of Dominican Republic’s public education system and around ten pedagogy experts. 

This brochure was also part of the training process.