In 1998, the Inuit Circumpolar Conference (ICC) was in a debate concerning the wording of the Earth Charter Drafting text, particularly regarding the principles referring to animals. With the presentation of the final version of the Earth Charter in early 2000, ICC fully supported the way the principle had been rephrased and helped the process of translating the final version of the Earth Charter into Danish and the Greenlandic Inuit language. The translation effort was undertaken by the Committee of Nature and Peoples of the North, two organizations based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In April 2008 an international conference on Climate Change and Sustainability took place at the small South Greenlandic town of Narsaq. A group of international scientists, local high school students and representatives from the local community were present and participated in working groups during the conference to better understand how climate change will affect people and animals in the region. The local Earth Charter Group, Green Cross Sweden, and WWF Denmark sponsored the event, which resulted in the Earth Day statement.