EC Guidebook for Teachers in Greenland

This guidebook, first developed in English, is written for teachers interested in bringing into the classroom their concerns for building a just and peaceful world. It attempts to respond to the needs of educators who feel that fundamental changes are needed in our teaching and learning processes. The Greenlandic adaptation has become the eighth version of the Guidebook available in the Key Resources section of the EC Virtual Library (click here to see)

The Guidebook addresses important questions such as “What skills and perspectives are important for my students to acquire?”, “What shared values and principles should be at the heart of education?”, “How can I incorporate values for sustainable living into my teaching?” and many others.

For the teachers striving to achieve the goals of the UN Decade for Education for Sustainable Development the Guidebook is also available in Arabic, English, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and German (click here to see) 

The editor of the Greenlandic version Karo Heilmann Stotts informed that the hard copy of the Guidebook is now also being printed. It should be available in couple of months, and will be distributed to all the schools throughout Greenland, and will be available for teachers to use from the beginning of the next school year.