nigerIn 2000, the National Environment Council for Sustainable Development of Niger (NECSD) held three training sessions on the environment, development and the Earth Charter.

In 2001, the Government of the Rep. of Niger, Cabinet of the Prime Minister, endorsed the Earth Charter. This was an important point of leverage for NECSD to work on a proposal for integrating an Earth Charter committee within the government. The government of Niger supported efforts made by the Earth Charter Secretariat, such as the development of a Type II partnership focused on education, that was made with UNESCO, in the context of the Johannesburg World Summit (2002).

During the heads of state official intervention at the Johannesburg Summit, Niger stated: “Is there a need to recall that we live in a world increasingly interdependent and fragile, in which the future at once holds great worries and great promises? To move forward we must recognize that despite a great diversity of cultures, interest and development, we belong to one humanity sharing a common destiny. Given this, Niger supports the Earth Charter which sets forth the fundamental principles for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society.”


There have not been recent activities of the Earth Charter in Niger.