During the year 2000, the NGO Coalition for the Environment (NGOCE) initiated a dissemination and promotion campaign of the Earth Charter. NGOCE has approached other NGOs, businesses, and the government to engage in the Earth Charter Initiative, as well as to use and endorse the document.

In 2008, Yakubu Joseph, a UPEACE Alumnus, was asked by the EC Secretariat to help disseminate the Earth Charter and link with local organizations to promote the use of the EC in Nigeria. He led several Earth Charter workshops jointly with different organizations, such as the Choice Concept Network, with the Federal Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development, and the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

In 2008, the Centre for Peace Advancement in Nigeria endorsed and adopted the Earth Charter. Also, in Calabar and Warri, Earth Charter youth groups collaborated with several schools to promote the Earth Charter through school rallies, dramas, and organizing open-days. Stephanie Tansey, has been using the Earth Charter to advance the concept of “community” in a secondary school in Suleja, Abuja. She created a website to share what the students are doing.

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