In 1999, the Earth Charter process was initiated in Oslo under the auspices of the Norwegian Society of Chartered Engineers (NIF) and the Environmental Center in Fredrikstad. These organizations created an Earth Charter National Committee and worked together on further promotion of the Charter. Press releases were sent to the most important media groups, and the Benchmark Draft II was translated into Norwegian. During 1999 and 2000 a number of public hearings were organized to raise awareness about the Earth Charter and develop contributions to the consultation/drafting process of the Charter.

In early 2000 the Norwegian translation of the Earth Charter was published in the magazine “Alternativt Nettverk”. This magazine was sent to all members of the Norwegian parliament and the Norwegian government. These efforts resulted, among other things, with the City of Oslo formally endorsing the Earth Charter.

At present Earth Charter Norge is working on the dissemination of the Earth Charter in the fields of business, ethics, youth, democracy, and government.