portugalFor many years ASPEA (Portuguese Association of Environmental Education), the Portuguese Affiliate of Earth Charter International, has carried out numerous activities in promoting of the Earth Charter in Portugal. This involves various workshops with school teachers, the Child – Youngster Forum held in 2004 and a pilot project called “Earth Charter – instrument of sustainability”, that has been taking place mainly in rural primary schools. The objective of this project is to promote the new context for action in the educational community, in accordance with the Earth Charter principles and practices; encourage the use of the Earth Charter and other framework documents, among others.

As part of an effort to support the United Nations Decade on Education for Sustainable Development, the Ministry of Education of Portugal sponsored the translation, publication and dissemination of the Earth Charter Teacher’s Guidebook in Portuguese.

In 2014, ASPEA was responsible for many educational activities and presented the Earth Charter at several events. ASPEA introduced the Earth Charter in two separate projects, and presented it at several environmental education forums. ASPEA representatives also conducted teacher trainings in which they introduced the Earth Charter directly to educators.

Between 2005 and 2010, The Little Earth Charter (LEC – a project initiated in Canada) launched a collaborative project with Cacia Schools in Portugal, called “Working Together”. The LEC served to facilitate discussions, the sharing of experiences among other activities between students from Portugal, Belgium, Russia, Japan, and Brazil. The schools of Cacia organized an Earth Charter presentation at the City Hall of Aveiro, Portugal.

ASPEA was also a co-organizer of the First Iberian Earth Charter Meeting for Sustainable Development, organized in collaboration with Fundación Valores in Spain. The meeting was held in Madrid on 17-18 November 2007. The objectives were to offer space to share experiences, promote collaboration, develop strategies and objectives for the execution of different community projects, and build an online network to be known as the Iberian Earth Charter Network for Sustainable Development. More than 200 people attended the meeting.