The Earth Charter has been known in Sweden since at least the year 2000. In June of that year, Green Cross Sweden conducted Earth Charter Empowerment workshops during the Global Environmental Youth Convention. Over 400 youth representatives from all over the world attended the workshops. Basic Earth Charter presentations were made. In December 2002 Ảre Municipality became the first municipality to endorse the Charter in the Country. Green Cross Sweden has been taking a very active role in promoting the Earth Charter in Sweden.

Barbro Holmberg, a former Minister of Foreign Affairs, is a former Earth Charter Council member.

On April 26th, 2014, The Earth Charter was highlighted at the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Green Cross Sweden and the GCS Annual Event: A Journey through Global Challenges to Human Consciousness, held in Göteborg, Sweden. The keynote speaker was Drubpon Konchog Khandro-la, a nun of the Drikung Kagyu tradition of Buddhism, from the nomadic territory of Drikung. The event was attended by approximately 150 people. GCS also continued working with the Green Belt Movement and the collaboration on the Peaceful Transitions project supported the production and distribution 1,000 copies of the Earth Charter Declaration to schools, where approximately 2,000 school children and parents were trained on the principles of the guidelines of the Charter in Kenya.

In June 2007 and 2008 the Earth Charter featured at the Tällberg Forum, an annual gathering held in the Swedish region of Dalarna, which has emerged as a premier global conference in the field of sustainability. The Earth Charter received significant and increasing attention at the Tällberg Forum 2007. Ruud Lubbers, a member of both the Earth Charter Commission and a founding member of the Earth Charter International Council, was a prominent plenary speaker, and his mention of the Earth Charter was picked up by a number of others, including Tällberg Founder Bo Ekman. The Charter was also the subject of a number of discussions during plenary sessions and workshops.