Two new members appointed to serve in the Earth Charter International Council

Following last year call for nominations for two vacancies on the Earth Charter International Council specifically for the European Region, we are pleased to announce that the Council has agreed to appoint as new members Alide Roerink from Netherlands and Barbro Holmberg from Sweden. Information about their backgrounds are posted on the Earth Charter web site. Alide Roerink and Barbro Holmberg bring with them unique skills and contacts in fields that complement the Council’s current composition.


In making this decision, the Council was mindful of the outstanding contributions by many of the nominees to the ongoing achievements of the Earth Charter Initiative. We can testify that the Council’s task was made extraordinarily difficult by the sheer quality of the people who were nominated. It is encouraging to know that so many talented individuals are prepared to volunteer their precious time to help guide the international work of the Earth Charter initiative.


2008 brings another new phase in the growth of the Earth Charter initiative – one guided by a strategy of decentralized activity and the empowerment of individuals, communities and organizations. Your ongoing support for the Earth Charter means we can look forward with confidence to the challenges and opportunities this year will bring.