The Earth Charter has been used in Switzerland since at least 2009. There is an Earth Charter Schweiz website that has contact information and

In 2014, Earth Charter Switzerland was active around Switzerland making presentations of the Earth Charter, co-sponsoring events, offering workshops, and participating in public events. EC Switzerland was present again at the LifeFair, co-sponsored a film screening “The Vanishing of the Bees”, offered workshops at the Social and Environmental Forum, and presented the Earth Charter to children.

In 2013, Earth Charter Schweiz was very active with representatives making appearances, facilitating workshops, collaborating with other organizations, and participating in international sustainable development dialogues. Some of the activities of EC Schweiz in 2013 include co-organizing the 12th LifeFair Forum on the Green Economy in Zurich, collaborating with Greenpeace Switzerland on educational initiatives, and participating in a national dialogue to determine the Swiss position on the post-2015 sustainable development agenda. In 2013, the Earth Charter was presented to hundreds of people at different venues and from a variety of communities including faith groups, private sector groups, and other NGOs.