In 1999, the NGO “Foundation to Support Civil Initiatives” started to be involved in the Earth Charter Initiative. As part of their effort, they disseminated the Earth Charter among key organizations in the country and coordinated several local meetings to discuss the first and second drafts of the Earth Charter text.  Since then the Foundation and its Chairperson, Dr. Muazama Burkhanova, have promoted and used the Earth Charter in various ways. Numerous activities and events have been held in the country to promote the Earth Charter principles and its vision and mission in the country. Among such activities were educational workshops and training sessions at different levels, from secondary schools, to the teachers of the remote rural
areas, to the local authorities in the cities and in the distant makhaljas (community centers). The high-level training projects for the Tajik governmental officials, youth organizations and the national Academy of Sciences were also held during this period. The Foundation, as the Earth
Charter Tajik Affiliate, organized summer camps for children and youth from cities and rural areas, held educational games, used Earth Charter videos and made various presentations about the Earth Charter.

The Earth Charter affiliate in Tajikistan was able to organize a meeting of high school students to learn about the Earth Charter and present the Earth Charter at a roundtable on Earth Day 2014.

Between 2007 and 2008 the Earth Charter Guidebook for Teachers and the Earth Charter brochure were translated into the Tajik language and published. This made the wider dissemination of the Earth Charter vision and mission possible among all sectors of the Tajik civil society, and has led to new educational opportunities and activities. In 2009, the Ministry of Education of Tajikistan approved the launch of a series of pilot Earth Charter lessons in secondary schools of Dushanbe. The first lesson took place in school N1 for forty students of the 8th grade, and it followed by another 15 lessons once a week, (16 lessons in total, and each lesson covering a corresponding principle of the Earth Charter). The first lesson was received with great enthusiasm by teachers and students.

There was one Earth Charter Youth Group in Tajikistan, called ECYG Dushanbe: “Live Earth”. They joined the Earth Charter Youth network in December 2008. This group’s mission was to raise awareness about the Earth Charter among Tajik youth and to promote Earth Charter values and principles into the national educational system.