Earth Charter Youth gatherings in Tajikistan

In the end of February 2010 the Earth Charter Affiliate in

Tajikistan Dr.

Muazama Burkanova, Chair of the Foundation for Civil Society Initiatives, held a series of meetings-seminars on Earth Charter values and their role in building up a road to a sustainable ways of living with student groups from several universities in Dushanbe (Tajik capital).


Most of these students are activists of various youth organisations, who work as volunteer instructors for civil society initiatives, and also organise extra-curriculum activities for Tajik students of primary and secondary schools.


Muazama informed the volunteers about the Foundation’s efforts to promote Earth Charter values into education. Participants of this meeting learnt about the Foundation for Civil Society Initiatives and its active role in the Tajik public life  from their friends who had participated in the Summer School 2009, where Muazama led a series of Earth Charter training sessions, meetings and activities.


The volunteers expressed their intention to establish a new Earth Charter youth group in Tajikistan in the near future.