In 2008, the Workers Education Association of Zambia joined Earth Charter International as an Affiliate. The Association has organized several activities to promote the Earth Charter, such as a Local Community Summit on Climate Change, which was held in October 2008 and was an effort promoted by Earth Charter USA.

These two organizations also started the Community Action on Poverty and Environment (COPE) Project, in 2009. This project continues to be active in promoting direct actions to solve some pressing issues in Zambian rural communities.

In 2014, the COPE project handed out solar powered lanterns (Luci) to older girls preparing for their final exams in Mwachilele Primary School. Girls have a much tougher life in Zambia than boys, since they do all the chores. With these lanterns, the Project hopes that girls will have more time at night to study. This video shows the moment when the girls received the lanterns.

The Zambian Earth Charter Youth Groups’ profiles can be found here.