"Daring to invent the future" – EC meeting in Germany

The Ecumenical One World Initiative (EOWI), Earth Charter affiliate in Germany, held its annual gathering from 4 to 6 April 2014. Over 60 participants came together to discuss the controversial Free Trade Agreement between the EU and the USA (TTIP) that is being secretly negotiated at the moment. Another central topic was the relevance of the bestselling fantasy novel “Momo”, also known under the title “The Men in Grey” by Michael Ende for analyzing some of the root causes of our current global financial crisis.

The introductory addresses were followed by an an “open space” in which participants could suggest relevant themes for small group discussions and workshops. These sessions touched on a large variety of topics including “tapping into our collective wisdom” to “post-growth economics” and “the relevance for the Earth Charter in the Great Transition”. In one workshop, participants were introduced to the latest developments in the Earth Charter-inspired Global Interfaith WASH Alliance.

EOWI director Anja Becker and her colleague Kerstin Veigt gave an overview of the diverse activities the initiative is doing to promote the Earth Charter in Germany, such as hosting a training course for volunteer “Earth Charter Ambassadors”, publishing materials on the use of the Earth Charter in education for sustainable development, working with teachers and a network of schools, coordinating an Earth Charter Youth Network in Germany, and organizing dialogues about the Earth Charter between students in Germany and India. Just one week ago, 12 women and one man ranging from 20 to 60 years of age proudly received their “Earth Charter Ambassador” certificates. They will now start spreading the message of the Earth Charter in their personal and regional networks. 

More information about Earth Charter activities in Germany in German and English can be found here.