“Dialogue with nature” – Photographs and Values for Sustainability in Germany

A set of 22 colourful and inspiring nature photographs by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda and words of wisdom from the diverse cultures of the world are shown together with the exhibition “Seeds of change” at the Parliament of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The exhibition opened on May 6th and will last until July 3rd, 2009.

A film, A quiet revolution, was shown in the opening event and followed by a discussion of the presented issues. The opening event was held right after the parliament meeting and all the parties and ministers were invited.

With this exhibition the Earth Charter activist Evángelos Perdikákis aims to spread awareness about the world’s current situation but also inspire people to get new hope to act. He refers to Wangari Maathai’s motivational quote: “Think globally, act locally!” Perdikákis’s goal is to to get at least 500 new Earth Charter endorsements from the German individuals, schools, politicians and businesses. He wants to inspire all the people to unite and work together for the globe and start an active Earth Charter movement in Germany.

The local schools are also invited to learn about the Earth Charter through this exhibition. Emphasis is given on personal actions; what we can do as individuals. Every school visiting will get a German version of the Earth Charter Guidebook for teachers.

More about the event can be found from here, here and here.