Discussion on the Encyclical Laudato Si and the Earth Charter

On August 17th , a discussion was held called “Contributions of the Encyclical Laudato Si and the Earth Charter to the ecological challenge”, organized by the Franciscan School of Theology and the Belén Environmental Network, in Heredia, Costa Rica.

Around 70 people from the community participated in this discussion group, to which the Earth Charter International Secretariat was invited.

The activity began with a presentation of the Earth Charter by ECI Staff member Alicia Jimenez, and later Fray Erick Marin made a presentation on the Encyclical Laudato Si and the relationship between this Encyclical and the Earth Charter.

It was stressed that, being a part of the Church Ministry, this Encyclical would have great influence on the millions of Catholics worldwide. However, by directing it to all people of good will in the world, the Pope has wished that this Encyclical would serve to promote an “Ecological Integrity”, where the development model “pays attention to the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor.”

The participants emphasized their interest and commitment to take action at individual and local levels during the question and answer period after the seminar.