Disseminating the Earth Charter in Lima, Peru

The organization Asociación Civil Provalores, who works in San Juan de Lurigancho, a district of Lima, Peru, has decisively committed to promote the Earth Charter.

They have done an open call to different grassroots organizations, organized communities, private and public schools and various institutions, to join a group called:  Social Network for Values, Volunteerism, and Diffusion of Culture and Environmental Responsibility, using the Earth Charter as main guide.  To this moment, 40 social groups have joined this network, by the end of the year they envision having 100 groups.

On 24 April they will be officially launching this social network, at a local private high school in San Juan de Lurigancho.  This launch will be the first step of the dissemination of the Earth Charter in this district. 

More information on this event and this new social network can be found here (only in Spanish).

About the organizers, the Asociación Civil Provalores have been motivating and facilitating several events with the Earth Charter, like the Ecological Values Caravan.

The Earth Charter International Secretariat wishes the best to this new social network, hoping that you are able to move many hearts that work towards more sustainable, just and peaceful societies.