e-Course Transition to a Sustainable Lifestyle with the Earth Charter

“I learn a lot about environmental protection, and how to live in a sustainable and eco-friendly environment. At the end of the course, I went into further research on the possible ways of bringing this message to my community and youths. I have now come up with a Project called Creative Minds Project Tag ‘THE ENVIRONMENT AND YOU’.”
Participant from Nigeria

e-Course: Transition to a Sustainable Lifestyle with the Earth Charter!

In March 2011, 32 participants from 28 different countries from all over the world gathered to learn, share and experience sustainable ways of living. During this course, the Earth Charter acted as an inspirational road map for defining sustainability.

The participants met online 4 times, once a week, for 2 hours. During the sessions they were engaged with homework that reflected on topics such as the Earth Charter and ecological footprint.

During the course participants were equipped with the skills to live a more sustainable lifestyle. They learned how to implement the principles of sustainability on an individual and organizational level and to realize their role as a leader in this shift.

This course was created in collaboration between Tread Lightly and The Earth Charter International Secretariat. Tread Lightly is a free climate change education and engagement program offered by TakingITGlobal. The partners are planning on replicating the successful course in a near future again.

“The course really opened my eyes to many things that were blind to me. I will make sure that I pass the message on for others to benefit also. Starting from my NGO to the community at large.”
Participant from Nigeria