e-GLO 3 participants


e-GLO 3 participants

September – December 2010

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Abdullah Al Razwan (Nabin), Bangladesh
I am working with Youth in Action on Climate (YAC) as a volunteer and recently initiate a project called Bangladesh Youth Climate Movement for Climate (BYMC) to mobilize Bangladeshi youth on Climate Change issues. I love the concept of Earth Charter! I like the projects of earth charter network!! I fell we can adopt the earth charter to educate our young minds on environment. Through Earth Carter we can contribute locally for a global world.

Name: Ademola Akinyemi
Age: 26
Country: Nigeria
Occupation: PR Consultant, Entrepreneur, Climate Youth Ambassador and Project Manager
Earth Charter: The EC is the epicenter for sustainable, just and future-oriented development. That is why I am very happy to be part of this great initiative where I will be taught to be a sustainable leader.

Alejandro Moreno Pérez
, México
Currently student of the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) in the career of International Business and a student at the Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua (UACH) of the Financial Management career. I like to use my knowledge working in the Ministry of Industrial Development in Chihuahua (SDI), Bloomberg and Many projects to develop economic information to attract investors and encourage entrepreneurs to build companies in Chihuahua, Mexico. As also collaborating with an NGOs called Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (AIESEC), Espacio Vanguardia & Shriners Hospital working for the development of México and the World, which aims to make positive impact on society through the skills, inspiration and vision through a nonprofit organization. As well as doing my internship at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) to be the incubator of the ITESM, being in charge of developing marketing strategies, conducting qualitative market research, management, editing programs, ability to work successfully in teams, developing and implementing the research project “Knowing the Entrepreneur.”

Name: Amanda Bancroft
Earth Charter Affiliation: I work for OMNI’s youth program, founded on the Earth Charter
Age: 25
Country: United States – Fayetteville, Arkansas
Occupation: AmeriCorps*VISTA at OMNI Center for Peace, Justice & Ecology
Website: www.summerofsolutions.org
I’m very excited to participate in e-GLO 3 and share this opportunity with fellow youth leaders in OMNI Center. The moment of greatest inspiration for me is when a youth becomes a solutionary. I believe that in order for the values in the Earth Charter to be the accepted norm among all people in the world, everyone needs to come together across the barriers that separate us. We can’t be empowered alone; we must empower each other.

Name: Andrew Chapfika
Age: 32 (05-06-78)
Country: Zimbabwe
City: Harare
Occupation: Youth Programmes Manager
‘The Earth Charter is The Right To Speak, The Right To Defend and The Right To Save Earth’

Name: Ann Apiita Grace
Age: 31
Country: Uganda
Occupation: Researcher
Earth Charter: The notion that caught my eye in the principles of the Earth Charter is Sustainability. I must admit that being a good steward of this fragile planet (Earth) upon which we live requires adherence to principles that advocate for sustainable stewardship to make the earth a stepping stone for both the present and future generation. Being new to the Earth Charter network, I am passionately looking forward to learning, sharing, motivating and comparing notes with the (e-GLO 3) community. I am certain that the opportunity which has presented itself at such a time as this to be involved in the Earth Charter program will inspire me to be more than innovative by reaching out to community through sustainable projects, listening and responding to the unspoken cries of the earth!!

Ariben Aguinaldo

I’m 21 years old and a student in Toronto, Canada. I’m a 2nd year Chemistry student in Ryerson University, but I’m planning to switch majors by next year. I’m going into Business – Human Resources. I’m passionate about dance, therefore I train very hard on the side, while studying. I have a wide array of interests and hobbies, from
arts to sciences to business. I’m very active and I like to play a lot of sports such as basketball, volleyball, football, etc. aside from dance. I’m an extrovert person and I love meeting people.
I really do believe that everyone has an epic story, all you got to do is listen. The Earth Charter
Global Learning Oppurtunity interests me because I am certain that this will help me become a more
assertive person and train my leadership abilities. I also do like the idea that what I’m doing
is going to help me help people around the world.

Name: Augustus Lito M. Narag
Country: Philippines
Short Bio: Augustus Lito M. Narag, by profession, is a university instructor and a public administrator. He hailed in the northern countryside of the Philippines, youngest in the family and recently finished his Master of Arts in Public Administration. During his college years, he took part in various leadership positions and advocacy, spanning from local to national level. His advocacy focused on youth empowerment,  sustainable development, education and everyday leadership. He earned his bachelor degree on political science, public administration and education. After college, his involvement to youth empowerment and education became more apparent as he passionately embraced his employment as an instructor at the University of Saint Louis. In his commitment towards personal and professional development, he took part in an exchange program in United States where he got a chance to intern in different not-for-profit organizations that promote international development, community empowerment and environmental restoration and education.

Upon his return to the country, he works as a site implementation coordinator in the
regional office of Department of Health, promoting safety and delivery of services to most at risk population for HIV/AIDs. True to his commitment to education, he works as a part-time instructor at the Cagayan State University after office hours.

My name is Besmira Uruçi and I am Albanian. I am actually a student at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne in Paris and I’m studying international law in Master degree. I’m interested in politics, sustainable development, ecology, travel etc. I have participated in several electoral campaigns and on the other hand I have done different research papers concerning democracy, ethics in public administration, international trade law etc.

Bryan Konrad, USA
I’ve been a student athlete for most of my life, going through advanced programs like International Baccalaureate, while competing in triathlons and swimming meets. This consisted of four to six hours of training (morning and evening) and eight hours of school in between. I told a community college education counselor that I wanted to be able to help others with the degree I was soon to receive and she suggested Sociology. Not until my senior year did I find out that I was on a path to grad school and now that I had a choice, I could finally say I’m NO to mainstream large-scale education (the factory model of education I feel I experienced). In my junior year of college, I found myself drawn towards agriculture and began to volunteer on farms. After graduating in 2008, I spent some time on two other farms in Florida and then set my eyes on Growing Power in Milwaukee, WI. After my stay there I returned to Dayton, OH and biked from there to Detroit, MI (225 miles) for the US Social Forum.

Currently, I am starting my first, of a long a waited, position as a ‘farmer’ at Swallow Tail Farm. I will be focusing mostly on composting/building soil. Anything to do with living organisms smaller than the plants will fall under my jurisdiction. Also, I am setting up a second home-base/homestead in a town (Citra, FL) 30mins to the south of where I’ve been born’n’raised and currently reside, Gainesville, FL. This includes starting a large garden, getting chickens, building a natural building made of bamboo and much more. The homestead is already entirely off-the-gird and a citrus grove. This feels like the first time of making a place in the world having the most freedom and responsibility I’ve ever had. I forgot to mention my age, 25.

Carlos Ponce De Leon La Serna
I am from Lima in Perú, I love my country, and I have a big compromise with all this, when i had 11 years I started in the scout movement, and I love the Scouting now, is part of my life. In 2007/2006 i discover Earth Charter and the propose, vision, objectives got a big impression in me.

Always i was in groups or with people like an activist, in the university, with people in my jobs, in other spaces, etc. In 2005 my scout group started a new project about the scout movement, in 2006 we started “Asociación Peruana de Escultismo”, and now we are a civil organization working Scouting (Escultismo) for develop citizen aligned with Earth Charter for build better world and in nets from activists and organizations.

I traveled to Paraguay, Argentina and Chile, for scout events representing Perú. In 2007, with a Team, we traveled like support by the earthquake (august 15th); in January 2009 we did “Campa Cuzco” (sponsor by the Special Project Funds by Earth Charter), the same year our Scout Gropu Huellas Profundas received an official distinction named “notable institution of the San Miguel district”.

Recently i was in the Earth Charter+10 event in Holland, and this was a very great experience.

Now with other people we are working too hard for develop our organizations, promote our scouting propose, promoting the knowledge about Earth Charter, and integrating organizations and proposes.

Name: (Daisy) Pham Thuy Duong
Age: 31
Country: Vietnam
Occupation: Environmentalist
Interests: sustainable development, education for sustainability, green living, personal and spiritual development
Website: http://green-changemakers.blogspot.com/

Name: Darline Symphonie Ntankeu Yepmou
Earth Charter Affiliation: e-GLO 3 participant
Age: 28
Country: Cameroon
Occupation: Food Process Engineer

Name: Endy Prahyuono
Age: 21
Country: Indonesia
Occupation: Student
Website: http://www.facebook.com/bung.endy

My name is Endy prahyuono I‘m student, I’m young and I have a very big dream. I put myself active in student organization on my campus. I’m selected to be president of the Student Union of Civil Engineering from the election.
I have a dream on my life, a very big dream, a very big vision that I call “From The Village To The World’. In my thought village is basic of the city’s life, basic of the country’s life and of course basic of the world’s life. Rice comes from village, culture comes from village. So my step is to make the village better and after that my district, my city, my country and of course after this is done, I will change the world and make it better. It is my dream to be the great leader for the people of the world.

Name: Deepak Basnet
Age: 28
Country: Nepal
Occupation: Commercial and Social entrepreneur, student, Youth Social Worker, Founder President Global Environmental and Humanitarian Society, Nepal

My name is Godfred Nana Asiedu Opokua, Ghanaian by birth. I was educated at Kolege High School then to Trans Africa College where i studied Tourism and Travel Agency Management and Ticketing for one year. Since i was so much interested in the tourism industry, I sat for the IATA/UFTAA consultant course in 2007 to qualify me to be a full time Travel Consultant. Shortly after completion of this course i started working in this fast growing industry, the Tourism Industry.

I worked as the reservation and ticketing executive for Protos Travel and Tours Ltd, as the Passenger Handling Agent for Antrak Air, and back to the position of reservation and ticketing executive for star Holidays Travel and Tours and Eaststar Travel and Tours Ltd respectively. Because of my hard work, I became the Managing/Marketing Manager for Johans Travel and Tours Ltd. I am the Associate Director of IATA QUALIFICATION HOLDERS ASSOCIATION GHANA and currently the Executive Director of ECYG FOR SUSTAINABILITY AND PEACE GHANA (An Earth Charter Youth Group)

I am 5’8 tall, friendly, kind and hardworking just to mention a few. I enjoy football, sightseeing, reading, travelling etc. I am the third born of my parents and i love to meet new people to share ideas. I always talk about the Earth Charter and it inspired me. This is a great document that needs the urgent recognition of all individual. The Earth Charter talks about how we as earth citizens can make it a better place for all to live and enjoy LIFE on EARTH to the fullest. The time is now to take a firm decision and stand by it all the time. I am happy to be associated with the EARTH CHARTER.

:  Gor Aleksanyan
Age: 23
Country:  Republic of Armenia
Occupation: Chairman of Student Scientific Society of Department of Geography and Geology of Yerevan  State University. Member and coordinator of Youth Section of Association “For Sustainable  Human Development”
Earth Charter: For me the Earth Charter is one of the greatest tools to gather  active  and   creative   youth   from   all  over the World  and  to   reach   new   result   for  protecting  our General  Home  from    many   dangerous    catastrophic process  that  occur  around  us  and  to  find  new ways to solve Global problems.

Name: Hadijah Nankanja
Age: 31
City: Kampala
Country: Uganda
Occupation: Business Trainer
Earth Charter: I first came across the Earth Charter in the Netherlands at the Plan International offices. I was there for a work visit as a Third Chamber member. Immediately I got so interested and picked some materials about it.The Earth Charter covers all the goals the world revolves around. I say we only have one earth if we do not care who will? It starts with one so I believe as a youth through the Earth Charter Initiatives can change my community.

Name: Harsha D
Age: 24
Country: India
Occupation: Software Engineer
Earth Charter: EC is a platform through which we can realize the dream of the sustainable world where all living beings can live in harmony with peace and happiness. It’s the right channel to harness the noble ides to overcome the global problems and to leverage the living conditions of the poor and needy.

Name: Ireti Adesida
Age: 30
Country: Nigeria
Occupation: Development Consultant and the Team Leader/Project Director of Rhealyz Naija
Earth Charter:  The earth charter is a tool that can be used to effectively actualize the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in our various communities which I’m passionate about.
Websites: www.consultireti.wordpress.com, www.letsrealize.wordpress.com

Name : Janna El-Hadad
Earth Charter Affiliation : e-GLO 3 Participant
Age : 16
Country: Egypt
Occupation : Student
Earth Charter : e-GLO 3 is going to be my first experience with Earth Charter, I’m extremely excited! Earth Charter seems to be an inspiring community. I’m looking forward to connecting with others who want to have a role in solving nowadays’ Global problems, in order to have a brighter future. I dream of making a difference in the world, and I think with Earth Charter, I will be able to!

My name is Jose Humberto from Costa Rica and I’m 18, I am a young indigenous student programming and member of Kus’kura organization in which I have been involved since two years ago and which has opened many opportunities and participation like the conference in Korea TUNZA. Besides that and be a leader in the community in which I come and I hope I could learn a lot of this course because I want to help my community and be a leader work in the benefit of my people.

Name: Muhammad Yameen Khattak
Occupation: Business Graduate
Country: Pakistan
Age: 25
It’s a life time opportunity for individuals like me to learn and share new experiences. We all must practice this in every role possible. I will be able to meet people from around the globe who share same values and are working together for improvement of the home we call “Earth”. At least there are some out there who cares; and I would love to be part of those people.

Name: Michael Trevett
Earth Charter Affiliation: Member of Action for Change (Scotland) Ltd. Earth Charter Affiliate.
Age: 18
Country: Scotland, United Kingdom
Occupation: Action for Change Youth Coordinator
Earth Charter: The Earth Charter is a document with enlightened ideals and principles. But it is still just a document, it needs humanity to be it’s arms and legs so that these ideals and principles can be acted upon to achieve the Earth Charter’s objective. If “It starts with one” then we all need to be that one.

Name: Miguel Heilbron
Earth Charter Affiliation: Member of Earth Charter Cities consultation group
Age: 27
Country: The Netherlands
Occupation: Development economist. Consultant, researcher, concept developer, writer Earth Charter: “I was trained as a development economist in the Netherlands and in India, and I have contributed to various research and other projects in Asia, North and South America, Africa and Europe. In my life I hope to contribute my part on the road to more equal opportunities for every person, internationally and in our local communities. The principles of the Earth Charter can provide a good compass. For the projects I’ve worked on especially the principles in part III, SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC JUSTICE, are very relevant. And I like that the Earth Charter explicitly asks for a global dialogue, which is indeed very much needed. ”
Website: www.worldwideperspectives.com

Name: Nour Kamel
Age: 22
Country: Egypt
Occupation: Account Executive
About Me: Browsing the internet i came across your website and started to visit it frequently. After reading the principles and values promoted in the earth charter, i felt like this something beautiful, something crucially important and something i want to be part of. I truly believe we owe it to our world, to make  it a better place and i think that this is a wonderful chance. I’ve just come back from a United Nations Summer school (Alliance of civilizations) and have met wonderful people and learned so much. Its incredible what the power of diversity and people can do. I cannot wait to meet all of you 🙂

Name: Odunuga Abiodun Dominic
Age: 24
Country: Nigeria
Occupation: Speaker, Researcher, Entrepreneur, Youth Initiative Developer, and Project Manager
Earth Charter: The Earth Charter is not just “an” initiative, it’s “THE” initiative that balances what the present world and the future world calls for and that’s SUSTAINABILITY. Our economy and the ecology that surrounds are in need of the entire value Earth Charter offers on her platform.
I’m glad and privileged to be a part of it.

Name: Sogdiana Baykaraeva
Age: 22
Country: Uzbekistan
Occupation: a student, peer educator in Y-PEER Network in Uzbekistan
Earth Charter: EC means to me a lot. It means opportunity, self-expression, knowledge, skills and good people.

Name: Sujan Saha
Country: Bangladesh/ Denmark
Age: 30
Occupation: Independent Researcher
Email: [email protected]
Earth Charter: To me the Earth Charter is simple but very innovation and powerful to guide anyone in pursuing sustainability. I am joining Earth Charter for its focus on youth leadership in sustainable development and use of technology to make network around the world.
Something about me: I was born in Bangladesh and graduated from Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway. Currently, I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
My main interests include intersection of human rights and climate adaptation, migration, security issues of climate change, sustainability at school and CSR. I am currently contributing in “Climate Change, Human Security and Violent Conflict – Challenges to Societal Stability?” a reference book forthcoming in 2010 from Springer in the Hexagon Series on Human and Environmental Security and Peace. I also attended to several specialization courses in sustainable development including Bergen Summer School 2009, DESS 2010. I am also going to attend London School of Economics (LSE)’s PhD symposium and conference, and the EASY-ECO’s Evaluation of Sustainable Development in Prague.
I am an inspiring person. I love to meet people from different culture. I love to travel rural areas. I am also amateur photographer.

Name: Urpiana Koklonis
Country: Venezuela
Occupation: Chemical Engineer
Trough the course of my career I started to get involve with the environmental problems in Venezuela; later on, due to my realization about the serious issues involving the country where I was born, I decided to focus my major towards developing solutions to these problems around the word. During this path, I heard about the Earth Charter Organization by the Soka Gakkai International and immediately got involve in real volunteer activism by giving presentations of the Earth Charter. I am now working to present in Venezuela a project developed by the Soka Gakkai International and the Earth Charter International named “Semmillas Del Cambio”, aiming to create awareness regarding the sustainable development in Venezuela and the world.

Vanja  Varga
I’m a graduate student of Psychology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia ; 2008. – 2010 and graduating in September. At the moment I’m volunteering as a psychologist and project manager in the NGO Angels, for severely disabled children as well as participating in various different projects, collaborating…
Theme of my thesis is: Social networking on the Internet: motivation and privacy issues, and it’s one of the steps I’m taking on the road of my general interests that are researching issues relevant in the and for today’s & tomorrow’s society on the individual level with the ambition of discovering how and why individuals and groups represent those issues and (inter)act with them in the way they do.
Furthermore, developing implementation strategies that would enable utilization of the findings for overall welfare. Examples of such issues are impact of technology, social media, sustainable development, migrations, poverty, bioethics, the course of human evolution…
My general interest is  researching issues relevant  in the and for  today’s & tomorrow’s  society  on the individual and group level with the ambition of discovering how and why individuals and groups represent those issues and (inter)act with them in the way they do. Furthermore, developing implementation strategies that would enable utilization of the findings for overall welfare.
Examples of such issues are impact of technology, social media, sustainable development, migrations, poverty, bioethics, the course of  human evolutio, mass collaboration, innovation, change, differences, open data…
Working towards a  true multi-level sustainable ‘progress’  – wherever, but for now in Croatia since such visions are very  needed.
Trying to communicate the importance of that vision to others in various ways as well as  living it  professionally and privately.
Helping where needed – directly by using my professional competencies and  indirectly by using the same to provide and organize direct help.

Victor Momoh
I am a young Sierra Leonean graduate in Environmental Sciences (BSc. Hons Environmental Sciences) from Njala University College, University of Sierra Leone and currently the Programme Coordinator for Centre for Development and Research (CDR) a national research and development agency working on environment, education, policy research and youth empowerment in Sierra Leone. I am an alumni of the British Council Global Changemakers 2009), Finalist Bridge to Justice project (2008), representative of young people in Sierra Leone on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), Youth Facilitator for the establishment of the Sierra Leone National Youth Council, advocate for the National Youth Policy, former Secretary General Njala University College Student Union, youth activist and have serve in many capacities as Programme Officer (Sierra Leone Youth Empowerment Organization (SLYEO),  Humanrights Officer, Grassroot Empwerment for Self Reliance (GEMS) and Youth Consultant , Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) Sierra Leone programme.