e-GLO 3 starting in September 2010

“My experience with e-GLO was my first great connection experience to the world. “

e-GLO 2 participant. More testimonials here.

What is e-GLO?
e-GLO program manager Mike Sheehan explains it to you! Watch the the video here

What is the Earth Charter?
Micha Slaby has an answer!

Earth Charter International is proud to announce that the third e-GLO will take place during September – December 2010. e-GLO is a semester-long, online leadership course inspired by the Earth Charter. e-GLO is a joint, collaborative vision between the 3 entities: Earth Charter International secretariat, BeatBoard Education and Training and HIAE [Heart in Action Enterprises’].

e-GLO is offered to 30 young activists, aged 15 – 33, who are motivated community development project planners. Participants will meet online via webcam and mic in e-GLO’s own virtual conference environment provided by HIAE .

The online sessions will take place every second Tuesday, for a period of three hours and will include networking, workshops, presentations and interviews with participants and expert guests, as well as cultural performances.

e-GLO aims to make a positive impact on society by familiarizing local level youth activists with sustainability leadership skills and shared ethics through the use of new technologies that foster interaction, inclusive culture and the wide distribution of global youth perspective. The ultimate goal is to further develop the capabilities necessary to conduct Earth Charter inspired action projects in the participants’ own communities.


  • fosters creativity, motivation, new possibilities, bold action, shared values and community through ongoing opportunities to engaging with a diverse network of change makers that reaches all around the world
  • focuses on sustainability leadership skills, digital story telling and fund raising
  • encourages the active involvement of e-GLO graduates in coming back as mentors to support new participant’s initiatives that promote social justice and environmental and economic sustainability
  • promotes the use of new technologies that foster interaction, inclusive culture and the wide distribution of global youth perspective

Starting date: 14 September 2010
Closing date: 7 December 2010
Duration: 14 weeks
Sessions: Every second Tuesday, 3pm – 6pm GMT
Application deadline: September 6th 2010
Price: US$300  
There is financial assistance for this course. No eligible applicant will be denied due to lack of funds.

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“e-GLO 2 has been the best online participation I have attended. A real international arena where one had the opportunity to learn from the fellow activists and at the same time, from the guest speakers and facilitators. ”

e-GLO 2 participant. More testimonials here.


e-GLO is a joint collaborative vision between the 3 entities:


e-GLO is organized in “e-GLO Global Online Live & Interactive Seminar Room” that is a product of Heart In Action Enterprise and Asita Informatica.