Earth Charter Actions in Florianópolis – Brazil

Action in Florianópolis/Brazil: Vagaluzes Filmes’ photos

The Harmonia na Terra Institute, who organized this action, is an NGO in Florianópolis/Brazil. Its mission is to promote educational actions that contribute to the ethical and ecological transformation of human beings.  All its activities are based on the Earth Charter values and principles. 

Near the Institute there is an association called “Lar Recanto do Carinho” that takes care of youngsters and children with AIDS.  With the intension of giving joy, increase their self esteem, and a possibility of building a more promising reality, the institute proposed painting a mural with the stencil technique involving the young people and children in workshops and the painting, both based on the Earth Charter principles and coordinated by Samuel Casal, a famous artist that works in close alliance with the institute. 

To complete this action, 150 native trees from Mata Atlântica were distributed within the community.  In each tree there was a tag with instructions on how to plant it and the four main principles of the Earth Charter.  

Action in Florianópolis/Brazil: Vagaluzes Filmes’ photos