Earth Charter Activities in the French-Mexican University

The French-Mexican University, together with the Preparatory School, secondary and primary school, belonging to this institution, have been using the Earth Charter since 2006. They came across this document through an invitation made to them by the Municipality of Cuautitlan Izcalli. Since 2006, the Earth Charter has been used as an educational tool, and through an initiative started by students who are concerned about caring for their environment, they formed the ecological brigade that attempts to present the perspectives of the Earth Charter to different schools, rehabilitation centers, and ecological centers.

The University developed a workshop on the Earth Charter, which has been offered to various institutions with young children and adults, using different materials and resources. The workshop is taught to pre-school age children and lasts 2 hours; young people receive a training of 4 hours; and adults for 6 hours. The objective of the workshop is to introduce the principles of the Earth Charter and to create a commitment of cooperation and an attitude change towards caring for our environment.

They have also integrated the Earth Charter into the Ecology and Environmental program of the institution as an educational tool in environmental culture. They have also carried out awareness and reforestation campaigns, art exhibitions, youth fairs, and various workshops that were held at other universities, in addition to schools in the Municipality.

The complete summary of the activities that these educational institutions have carried out can be found here.