Earth Charter and Earth Charter Cities in Malta

earth-charter-cities-gerben-van-straaten-malta-nov-2015 CEO Gerben van Straaten of World of Walas presents the Earth Charter From November 12 – 14, 2015, an assembly of important conferences on Malta brought together a diverse group of people to deliberate their common futures. The world’s large immigration issues, the future of climate and the earth, and a desired reset of the ways we do business and govern our planet were important themes. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Climate Conference in Paris provided focus to the conference.

At the nexus of sustainability, business, and education, Gerben van Straaten, the CEO of the World of Walas, presented the Earth Charter and the Earth Charter Cities program at the 29th Annual Businet Conference. His keynote addressed how the Earth Charter guides us towards more sustainable and more ethical business practices, with a focus on the importance of improving the way we develop and operate our cities.

Earth Charter International and the Walas Group are collaborating on Earth Charter Cities to raise awareness for a more sustainable approach for our cities. The Earth Charter Cities program works with certification systems, cities, communities, colleges and universities, and companies to bring the global vision of the Earth Charter to cities around the world, based on their local needs. Working with ECI, Gerben and the World of Walas will launch the Earth Charter Cities program in 2016.

We would be delighted to work with the larger Earth Charter network on this and invite you all to be in touch if you are interested in working with us or learning more. For more information, please contact us at:

[email protected]

To read the Earth Charter Cities Manifesto, click here: earthchartercities.org/manifesto