Earth Charter article in Innovations network publication

Taking into account the recommendations of the outcome document of Rio+20, the third edition of Temas de Innovemos (a publication of Innovations network) focuses on good practices and innovations related to Education for Sustainable Development that are happening in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This third edition included an article that describes two online educational experiences carried out by the Earth Charter International Secretariat.  The first experience refers to a leadership course for Latin American youth, organized in collaboration with a Mexican organization called PIDES. The other one refers to a series of webinars on ESD for educators and other professionals.

Find this publication here (available in Spanish only).

The Regional Network on Education Innovations for Latin America and the Caribbean is an interactive space and forum for reflection, exchange and dissemination of knowledge about  innovations and educational change. This space was created in 2001 and is organized by UNESCO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (in Chile), the Ministries of Education of 15 countries, and a number of education institutions and individuals.