Earth Charter as an Ethical Compass

73026720_10159078183628452_1317468912966696960_nFrom 2020 on, the Earth Charter flag will be carried by two ships that will sail around the world in the coming two years.

It functions as the ethical compass for the Midgard Expedition, an initiative from Earth Charter Champion, Bjorn Heyerdahl. Watch this spectacular video to get to know the why and how of this expedition.

The SDG World Tour will also carry the Earth Charter flag. During their two year journey, the Clipper Stad Amsterdam will sail to 17 host cities to raise awareness on the SDGs and will dock for 10 days in each city.

A ship’s flag symbolizes the ‘law’ it represent. In this case, the crew of both ships embrace the value of the Earth Charter and will represent the principles throughout their journey.

WitVlakLogo 1Earth Charter International and the SDG World Tour joined forces in April 2019 during an exciting Kick-off event in New York.  Since then, we have been collaborating to ensure the Clipper Stad Amsterdam will not only be sailing under the SDG flag, but she will also use the Earth Charter as its ethical compass for the two year voyage.

ECI invites Affiliates, Partners, Young Leaders and friends as Global Wave-makers and Change-makers to engage when the ship is anchored in their harbor. It is envisioned that EC Champions will have their organization and network be part of the SDG World Tour programme when it comes to a certain harbor by showcasing their examples of success. The Clipper Stad Amsterdam will start its journey on 16 August 2020 in Amsterdam, and it will end mid 2022 in New York. This quest envisions that the SDG World Tour will become a facilitating platform, a catalyst, and a traveling connector.

EQhufPVWkAEK7dRYou are invited to spread the word of the SDG World Tour and find out more about it at the brand new webpage www.sdgworldtour.com

Click on the image for a video that explains it all.

UPDATE: We have been informed that the SDG World Tour has been unfortunately canceled. At ECI, we are very committed to supporting the SDGs and we thank all the staff and crew of the SDG World Tour for their efforts and dedication.