Earth Charter-based book launch in Brazil

It is a pleasure to share with you the launch of the book “Histórias de Aprender e Ensinar para Mudar o Mundo” (Stories to learn and to teach how to change the world). This publication is the result of the project called “Jovem Cidadão Amigo da Natureza” (Young Citizen Friend of Nature) which took place during 2006 and 2007 in Sao Paulo. The main stream of the project was founded entirely on the applicability of the Earth Charter principles within school activities. The Charter was used as a pedagogical instrument during the whole project.


The project involved 14 municipalities, 42 primary schools with 16.000 students from the municipal network and 600 professionals in education. The activity was carried out by Instituto BioMA in alliance with the National Fund for Educational Development from the Ministry of Education and Culture.


Every trainer and participant in the project contributed to the book with their own vision on how to change the world inspired on the Earth Charter principles. Students, professors and communities identified local problems and searched for solutions founded on its principles.