Earth Charter being brought to Romania

It all started when a young Romanian volunteer Milena Moraru, who was at that time defending her Ph.D thesis at the European University Institute, Florence, Italy, came across the Earth Charter text. As a person interested in studying the relationship between CSR and law, she is keen on bringing in the changes needed in the business legal framework in order to include social, environmental considerations into their activities. During her studies, Milena understood that first of all, the changes need to be brought into the curriculum of business schools in order to train managers in the field of CSR, sustainable development. And this is how Milena envisioned the importance of Earth Charter ethical framework and its integration, into the theory and practice of the education for sustainable development.
Milena offered her help as a volunteer to the Earth Charter Secretariat and made an excellent translation of a very important EC educational tool, the Earth Charter Guidebook for Teachers. It has been recently uploaded to the Earth Charter Virtual Library and can be accessed in the pdf. format here.

The next step is to start introducing this valuable educational tool to secondary school teachers through the future Romanian EC website, dissemination of the print-outs in school, teachers’ conferences, ect.

Milena is also the head of the newly registered Romanian NGO, Center for Promoting Sustainable Development, she and her friends made a formal request to become the organisational Earth Charter Affiliate in Romania (the process is now going on), as well as establish an active Earth Charter Youth Group.

The Center for Promoting Sustainable Development is also finalizing the work on the EC website in Romania. As soon as it is launched it will be added to 29 existing national Earth Charter websites posted on the ECI Virtual Library.
Welcome to the International Earth Charter community, dear Romanian friends!