Earth Charter class on Education and Values in The Netherlands

Netherlands photo 1Earth Charter Netherlands collaborated with NIVOZ, a think-tank on education, to hold the Earth Charter Masterclass from 29-30 May, imparted by Professor Sam Crowell, Earth Charter Education Center faculty.

NIVOZ has been advocating, for several years, for the needs of children in education, and the consequences of those needs for the teachers educating them. NIVOZ and Earth Charter the Netherlands were very pleased to have Sam Crowell impart this two-day masterclass. He also offered a public lecture on education and a dialogue with Nivoz staff members.

The Masterclass was attended by 15 participants, who engaged into a dialogue around the WHY of education based on the concept of “Emergent Teaching”, the topic of an inspirational book Professor Crowell wrote.

The social and ecological imperatives of our time, together with the Earth Charter values, were integrated into the class discussions, which lead to curricular questions such as: ¨What kind of person do I want to become?¨, and ¨what kind of world do I want to live in?¨

One of the participants of the Masterclass stated: “Sam Crowell reminded me of the true purpose of education. Sam made us realize that in education, certain things can be anticipated, but the unique nature of each individual student and class is far from predictable. If these moments are given the space to unfold, the results are often transformative(…)”

This Masterclass was offered for the first time in The Netherlands on October 2014; however, Professor Sam Crowell has been co-facilitating this class with Earth Charter Executive Director, Mirian Vilela, since the Earth Charter Center for Education for Sustainable Development at the University for Peace, Costa Rica, was inaugurated in 2013.

Education, Ethics, & Values for Sustainability: Transformative Teaching and Learning with the Earth Charter will be imparted again at the Earth Charter Center for ESD in Costa Rica on July 2018.

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