Earth Charter, Climate Change and Ethics – Interview with Brendan Mackey

See this new interview which presents very interesting insights on the current climate change crisis and the negotiations going on.

Here Prof. Mackey addresses the following questions:

Part 1

    1.  As a participant of COP15 what do you think of the outcomes of this conference? (minutes 0 to 1.27)
    2. To what extend is climate change an ethical problem? (minutes 1:27 to 5:33)
    3. What are greenhouse gas entitlements? (minutes 5:33 to 7:55)

Part 2
     How could the Earth Charter be useful in addressing the challenges of climate change?

Prof. Brendan Mackey has a PhD in tropical forest ecology, and is a professor of environmental science at the Australian National University; he is also member of the Earth Charter International Council and of IUCN Council. He is the Chair of IUCN Task Force on Climate Change. He is a respected scholar on environmental biogeography, conservation science and cross-disciplinary studies in sustainability.

He has been focusing recently on the ethical dimensions of climate change issues; this led him to actively participate at the past COP15 negotiations in Copenhagen to strengthen the ethical dimensions of the negotiating text. 

You can see this and other Earth Charter videos at EC International You Tube Channel.