Earth Charter Day 2022

On 29 June, 2022, The Earth Charter celebrated 22 years since its launch in the year 2000. On this day, ECI Friends, Partners and Affiliates from around the world gathered to celebrate, share reflections and some examples of what they are doing.

The Earth Charter International Secretariat organize a webinar titled “Celebrating the Earth Charter promise: Intergenerational collaboration and transformative learning”. The event was streamed live on YouTube and included the participation of Earth Charter Young Leaders, the presentation of the Earth Charter & ESD School Seal to 3 different schools.

There was a space for different Partners to share what they have been doing with the Earth Charter in their contexts, in this sense Michael Bracken talked about the experience of Medcom as an enterprise using the Earth Charter in Florida (USA), Tatjana Rebelle shared about the work that Earth Charter Indiana has been doing in community development and youth empowerment, Mateo Castillo shared the actions that the Earth Charter Mexican Network is doing in political advocacy and Dennis Kupsch focused on the Earth Charter European Network education project that they are carrying out. It was uplifiting to hear about these meaningful actions happening in different parts of the world with the Earth Charter!

The recording can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i890Z2Q_Mmo&t=4953s

The EC Mexican Network also organized a webinar with the participation of Jorge M. Hori Fojaco, Martha Eugenia Guerrero García, Padre Cheché Mateo Castillo and Mirian Vilela, with Shafía Succar as moderator. The event was titled “La Carta de la Tierra: marco ético para el Bienestar Planetario” (The Earth Charter: an ethical framework for planetary wellbeing). The objective of this webinar was to create a space to exchange ideas about what we understand by Planetary Well-being and our contributions to Planetary Well-being, and explored the following questions:

  • What is Planetary Well-being?
  • How can we contribute and assess our contributions to Planetary Well-being using the lens of the Earth Charter?
  • What could be some indicators that help us get closer to better understanding how to promote Planetary Well-being?

The recording can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYISteOJpIw&t=10825s

Also, The Earth Charter Young Leaders, the SDG Mexico Promoters, and the 2030 Generation Leaders program promoted by UNFPA Mexico, through the Agents of Change program, organized the first “I am a Change Agent” course held during the month of June to commemorate The Earth Charter’s 22nd anniversary. The course consisted of 4 different sessions on separate days, and were transmitted through YouTube and Facebook Live.

Finally, in Holland, members and invitees of Earth Charter’s Worldconnectors International, Future Generations Lab gathered together to jointly mark Earth Charter Day 2022. This meeting took place on the beautiful Zonheuvel Estate in The Netherlands and included the participation of Earth Charter Young Leaders, Earth Charter European Network, and many Earth Charter Friends and Affiliates.

How did you celebrate Earth Charter Day this year?