Earth Charter Game: Education strategy for sustainability

This very interactive new game was elaborated by the Instituto Harmonia na Terra in partnership with Coopera Brasil, two brazilian NGOs. It can be used as a unique educational tool with adults, youth and children (above 9 years old). The game is being used in various workshop training occasions in the Southern part of Brazil, but the vision is to have it translated and broadly used.

The Earth Charter Game encourages players to know and understand the Earth Charter through an exciting new methodology. The dynamics of the game promotes thinking and attitudes about essential human values to build a more just and sustainable world.

To achieve the objectives of the game, players must practice cooperation and interdependence. Either all win or all lose, in a similar situation to what contemporary society faces, within the challenge of sustainability.

During the game, players are encouraged to research and ask questions, look for relationships between social and environmental issues and practical actions. In different occasions, players have to reflect about an EC principle and link it with a specific experience of their life.  Players learn different ecological concepts as energy efficiency, recycling, association and symbiosis.  Thus, the game contributes to the awakening of ecological knowledge and practices.

The game can involve people of all ages starting from the age of 9 years old and have had huge success with different audiences: students of urban and rural schools, youth, academics, teachers and professionals in general.

The Instituto Harmonia na Terra (http://www.harmonianaterra.org.br)) is an NGO based in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil.  Its mission is to promote educational activities that may contribute to ethical and ecological transformation of human society toward sustainability. Since 2004 promotes eco-pedagogy courses and workshops for public schools and is affiliated to the Earth Charter International.

For more information please contact the following persons at Instituto Harmonia na Terra:

Patricia Abuhab
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Guilherme Blauth
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Or to the following numbers:

+ 55(48) 3253 0297  (office)
+ 55(48) 8816 5251 (cell phone)