Earth Charter Global Learning Opportunity's Testimonials

Young leaders from all over the world gathered to learn together Sep – Dec 2011.

Read e-GLO 3 testimonials and get inspired!

“I am going through hard times currently, but i can honestly tell that e-GLO 3 and the people I met through it, are one of the best things that happened to me in 2010. Thank you for being such a good initiative and empowering us to make a difference.


“Bringing relevant change in my community, in my country and in my world, has always been my aim in life. Fortunately, I joined the e-GLO. I’ve learnt too much through these courses: sustainable actions initiated by others and our real rule in the building of a better world. Courses were so inspiring that we learnt how to make video and even how to make an interview! Moreover I now have friends around the world. For sure, e- GLO is the place to be! Jaana, Mike and Douglas, you helped us to have great time; Thanks.”

“Its was an eye opening 14 weeks!

“e-GLO is the place to be. Earth Charter is the home to belong to. Congrats to all e-Glo3 participants. Luv u guys!!!

“A great pleasure meeting e-GLO 3 participants!! All the best to you folks!! Hey thank you so much Mike, Jaana, Douglas fo
r encouraging us along this e-GLO 3 journey! A walk to remember and passionately build upon what you’ve imparted on us! This was absolutely an amazing experience for me because at first i frankly felt like ‘a fish out of water’ with the platform, the videos – name it! You also successfully challenged us too during this period & yet made us feel comfortable however the journey doesn’t end with the course ending…its now the gleam of dawn shining ever brighter until the full day light for all of us!”

“I would like to express my sincere thankfulness to the wonderful e-GLO team! It’s my honor to be a participant in the course. I have enjoyed very much all the sessions. They’ve inspired me and opened my mind a lot. And also, thank you all for the “global” friendship! With much love.

“For me, e-GLO 3 has been a phenomenal opportunity to learn new technology and meet new youth leaders who are so inspirational! It’s not only benefitted me, but also the students in OMNI Center’s youth programs. e-GLO continues to be a beacon to help me achieve what I really want to do in life: to empower youth leaders.

“Leadership Experience! For my LIFE! ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE.
e – GLO 3 has been an experience for all my life, because I got an academic learning, professional and personal development in my life. This Global Learning Opportunity teaches me to understand how to be a leader and inspired me to do more.

“I feel very lucky to have got to know about e-GLO and the Earth Charter. I loved how collaborative and helpful everyone was. I felt very “warm” on this platform, and very much welcomed, which is a great environment for creativity and progress as well ‘development’.
e-GLO 3 opened my eyes with regard to how far technology can go. I never thought when applying that communication was going to be as effective as it was! This is certainly something I’ll consider in my projects! I have gained knowledge as well as skills that I can now pass on to other youth leaders!”

What did you like in e-GLO?
“Being inspired! After each session, I feel a tremendous energy!! That is how inspiring each session is!”

“Personal development, powerful networking and rich and stimulating lectures.”

“Learning new skills especially technology and being able to practice it.”

“I enjoyed learning from the different perspectives, especially from people on far away other side of the globe.”

“The people and the way it opens your mind to so many different possibilities.”

“Meeting all those like-minded change makers around the world.”

“Connecting to young and motivated people from different countries, as well as sharing new ideas and projects. “

“Linking us to other organizations and projects that share the same goals!”

“Listening to people experiences inspired me!!”

“The sense of community.”

“I love e-GLO overall, specifically session 3 Innovation. I liked Animoto, learning specific skills like using the platform, 1%CLUB, YouTube, etc. Anything specific is really great! Networking internationally on our projects I think is key to success (cooperation).”

“I love the course… love the energy in the platform.”