Earth Charter in Action in Nigeria – again!

Programme Report from Nigerian Earth Charter Youth Group “Youth Vision Alliance Network”


Football is a sport that cut across all social strata, gender and ethnic groups. It’s a global language that unites people and nations. We realize the power of soccer and decided to use it as a tool for social change in our community.

The four-a-side competition was held on the 8th August, 2009. We partner with Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries Alagbole (Youth House) and supported by Cadbury Nigeria Plc.

The objective of the competition is to introduce The Earth Charter to the youth of the community so as to curb the act of violence, cyber crime and intolerance amongst the youth. However, the idea of the competition transcends the introduction of The Earth Charter; it is more of teaching them how they can apply the principles of The Earth Charter into their day-to-day activities.

The four-a-side football competition consists of 24 players (and four teams) between the age of 16-25 years, and six (6) players per team. The competition is design in such a way that each team field four (4) players, a goal keeper and a reserve player. The four teams are Team Gideon, Team Elijah, Team David and Team Solomon.

After the end of the competition; Team David came 1st while Team Solomon came 2nd and both Teams Gideon and Elijah came last. Souvenirs provided by Cadbury Nigeria Plc and MFM Alagbole (Youth House) were distributed to all the participants.

At the end of all the matches we had a brief talk with the youth about integrity, exemplary leadership and tolerance. We also encourage them to endorse The Earth Charter, which they did.

The senior brand manager Cadbury Nigeria Plc Mrs. Bimbo Alabi and sport coordinator MFM Alagbole Mr. Ademola Akinyemi where but in attendance; though briefly. In conclusion, the programme was able to meet its intended purpose and we are greatly encouraged to sustain this initiate. We have decided to hold the competition on a monthly basis, so that we can accommodate more youth to participate in the competition.

Yours sincerely
Shopeju, Zaid Abiodun
Earth Charter Youth Group Coordinator

Vision Alliance Network (YVAN)
Alagbole, Lagos State