Earth Charter in Amharic

We are happy to announce that the Earth Charter has been translated into the national language of Ethiopia, Amharic, and this translation is available in the Earth Charter’s Web site here.

The translation was done by Elizabeth Tesfaye Haile, an alumna from the International Peace Studies program at the University of Peace, Costa Rica. She earned her Master in Management of Development from Larenstein University, part of Wageningen University, the Netherlands. She had been working as a lecturer at Haramaya University, Ethiopia. Aschale Dagachew (PhD), helped her proof read the translation.

We want to deeply thank Elizabeth for her great support for the Earth Charter Initiative!

She told us that her main motivation for doing this translation was that she felt very grateful for her experience at UPEACE, she believes in what the Earth Charter stands for, and wanted to contribute in the dissemination of this document.

Thank you Elizabeth!