Earth Charter Information Fair

A great example of an Earth Charter activity organized by youth volunteers in Costa Rica

Name of the event:
Earth Charter Information Fair at the New Poasito School, Costa Rica

Activity Description:
Researched various topics pertaining to community importance (animal rights, first aid, environmental issues, health and nutrition, physical activity, human rights), prepared poster boards, and put on a fair for the school and community.

Volunteers created different stands with the different topics mentioned above and the students visited in turns each one of the stands.

At the end of the fair, volunteers organized a garbage collection in the community with the students.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Best time for students was during their school hours, depending on whether the teacher approves of them coming out of class. For the community the best time was on a weekend that way they do not have to miss any work.
Very well on the students behalf
– kids were very interested
– teachers and principal were very
pleased, appreciative

Number of Participants:
Aprox 300 students and 10 teachers
Children from 7 to 13 yrs old
300 students and their teachers informed about important issues related to health, human rights and environment protection.
Children and teachers seemed enlightened and very interested. Event was obviously fun and volunteers got to know the kids on a more personal level
(in a small groups).