Earth Charter Initiative: 10 years at a glance

We invite you to flip through this overview of events and activities that have taken place since the Earth Charter was launched in 2000. It should be noted that this document and short video are not intended to offer a comprehensive account of everything that has happened in the past decade, and that many activities and projects are not presented here. We encourage you to send us your own stories and “photo albums” so that we can continue to document the many ways in which the Earth Charter is contributing to a global transition towards sustainable ways of living.

The interesting story of Earth Charter + 10 is how the Earth Charter is helping to awaken the global community to the challenges we face, to the values we need, and to the policies and practices we must follow to create a just, sustainable and peaceful future for all humans, the greater community of life, and future generations.

These 80 illustrations give us an overview of how the Earth Charter, as a document and the focus of a social movement, is making a catalytic contribution to accelerating our transition to sustainable ways of living. They give examples of how this integrated ethical vision increasingly serves as:

  • a sustainable development policy guide for national and local governments
  • an important educational resource for education for sustainable development
  • a framework to support corporations in their understanding and reporting of social and environmental bottom lines
  • a common ground for interreligious and intercultural dialogue on sustainability, justice and peace
  • an inspiration for artistic expression and youth activism for a sustainable future

Click here to download and see the Earth Charter Initiative: 10 years at a glance.

In addition you can see a short video offering an overview of the Earth Charter Initiative in the past ten years. The video shows images from several ECI events and activities from around the world, in chronological order starting from the launch of the Earth Charter in 2000. The ECI relies on a coordinated action of numerous devoted activists and partners, although, only a few of them could be seen in this short video of ECI key events. “ECI at a glance” is released to commemorate the 10th anniversary since the launch of the Earth Charter and review its historical moments.

Click here to see the short video.