Earth Charter International Report on Youth Engagement

In May 2006, Plan Netherlands made a very generous, 2-year grant to Earth Charter International for youth programming. This allowed the Earth Charter Initiative, for the first time ever, to hire a full time International Youth Coordinator. Dominic Stucker was selected for this position and he started to work in November 2006. Over two years he was successfully leading the expansion of youth engagement in the Earth Charter Initiative.

As the last thing at the Earth Charter International Secretariat, in January 2009, Dominic Stucker wrote an interesting and comprehensive report for Plan Netherlands. In this document he describes closely what has been achieved during the past two years. This report focuses firstly on empowering youth through Internet and communications technologies, presentations, and publications. After this there is a section on engaging youth activists through meaningful courses, projects, and campaigns. In addition sections on expansion of the EC youth network, Youth Groups, and Youth Leadership Team are written. At the end Stucker presents the lessons learned and the financial summary.

With this report Stucker shows us the incredible growth of the Earth Charter youth network, which was made possible by his and the youth activists’ committed and hard work along with the Plan Netherlands’ grant. This report is an inspiring document for everyone involved in Earth Charter Initiative’s youth activities – if all this has been possible in only two years, where will we be in the coming two years! Read, enjoy and leave your comments – from this solid base it is good to start to brainstorm for the future!

Thank you Dominic, not only for this report but for everything you have done for Earth Charter Initiative!

Report available in the Earth Charter Initiative’s Virtual Library.