The Earth Charter Introductory Course is Open for Enrollment

The Earth Charter Education Center is now offering the “Earth Charter Introductory Course,” an opportunity for all people interested in learning about the values and principles of sustainability articulated in the Earth Charter, deepening their knowledge about it, and finding practical ways to implement it.

In this online non-facilitated course, participants have the flexibility to complete the sessions when it is convenient for them. The course has an introduction and six sessions which can be completed in six hours. Participants have a maximum time of 2 months from the day they register to finish the course. The fee is US$50.

Content is presented in different formats (videos and readings). There are questionnaires to assess the understanding and achievement of course objectives.

The learning objectives of the course are:

  • Understand why and how the Earth Charter was created and its relevance for the current situation.
  • Get to know and internalize foundational concepts, values and ethical principles of the Earth Charter.
  • Understand and find ways to put into practice values and principles articulated in each Pillar of the Earth Charter.
  • Find synergies between the Earth Charter and other international, national or regional instruments (e.i. the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the Sustainable Development Goals and others).
  • Be acquainted with sensitive issues around some principles of the Earth Charter.

For more info and registration: https://earthcharter.org/courses/earth-charter-course/